Adelaide Botanic Gardens Schomburgk Pavilion

  • Location Adelaide CBD, SA
  • Completed 2006
  • Photography Stephen Gray
  • Sector Public Realm + Landscape
  • Award 2006 Civic Trust of South Australia Commendation

The Schomburgk Pavilion, situated adjacent to the historic Museum of Economic Botany in the heart of the Gardens, is a remarkable architectural addition.

This structure features steel canopies floating gracefully above a stone-paved terrace, housing a Visitor’s Information point, a shop, a café, and public toilets. Designed to complement the neighboring Museum of Economic Botany, the Schomburgk Pavilion exudes its own contemporary character while harmoniously responding to the adjacent Amazon Waterlily Pavilion.

The central covered area serves as a versatile space for educational events, exhibitions, and functions, fostering engagement and interaction. Meanwhile, the terrace, conveniently located at the same floor level as the Museum, not only offers easy accessibility but also effectively doubles the functional capacity of the Pavilion.

Beyond its aesthetic and functional contributions, the Schomburgk Pavilion demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. The project includes a basement housing essential service equipment and rainwater tanks, which capture and utilise all rainwater from the Museum and Pavilion roofs.

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