SA Athletics Stadium Redevelopment

  • Location Mile End South, SA
  • Completed 2022
  • Builder Chappell Builders
  • Photography Trim Photography
  • Sector Sport & Recreation
  • Client Chappell Builders

SMFA, Chappell Builders and the consultant team collaborated to renew and enhance the SA Athletics Stadium with a new stadium entrance and changeroom building.

Designed to welcome spectators and athletes alike, the new stadium entrance serves as a gateway to the world-class sporting events that will take place within the stadium’s revamped facilities. The modern entrance not only enhances the overall appearance of the stadium but also sets the tone for the exceptional sporting experiences housed within the stadium.

Along with the new entrance, the project works also extended to the construction of a new change room building, designed with inclusivity in mind. This facility caters to the diverse needs of athletes and officials, providing them with comfortable and accessible spaces to prepare before and after their sporting endeavors. Designed to be inclusive for all abilities, the change room building embodies the commitment to ensuring equal opportunities and a level playing field for all.

The completion of the SA Athletics Stadium renewal project represents a significant milestone for SMFA and Chappell Builders, which has resulted in the transformation of an aging sports facility into a modern and world-class venue. With its new stadium entrance, soccer field, and running track, the SA Athletics Stadium is now equipped to host impressive sporting events and provide an exceptional experience for athletes, officials, and spectators alike.

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