Way Avenue

  • Location Myrtle Bank, SA
  • Size 300 sqm
  • Completed 2018
  • Builder Artisan Construct
  • Photography Adrian Chiali Photography
  • Sector Residential
  • Build Type New Build

The Way Avenue Residence is a two-storey dwelling designed to embrace natural light and optimize outdoor space.

The clients’ primary focus was to create a living environment that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural elements. As a result, the dwelling revolves around the central lap pool and outdoor entertaining area.

Inside, the residence boasts a harmonious blend of natural materials such as timber and raw stone, contrasted against minimal white elements. This carefully chosen palette creates a warm, bright, and inviting atmosphere throughout the interior spaces.

The master wing of the Way Avenue Residence offers a private and tranquil retreat for the homeowners. Thoughtfully connected to a serene garden and a pergola, the master wing is also provided an additional outdoor sanctuary.

The Way Avenue Residence embodies a home that harmonizes with nature, offering an abundance of natural light, ample outdoor areas, and natural, high-quality interiors.

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