Open Access College Landscaping

  • Location Marden, SA
  • Client Open Access College
  • Size 2,410 sqm
  • Completed 2024
  • Photography SMFA Staff
  • Sector Public Realm + Landscape

In collaboration with Open Access College, SMFA have completed a transformative landscaping project that expands the existing Aboriginal garden to encompass the entire courtyard. This initiative, aimed at revitalising the heart of the college, establishes a profound connection between the community and the essence of nature and culture.

The design prioritised inclusivity, fostering equal access to buildings and creating a welcoming environment for both students and staff. The project carefully preserved significant trees and features while introducing new spaces tailored for education and contemplation. Outdated plantings were replaced with irrigated garden beds featuring native, low-maintenance plants,  emphasising species with special connections to the country. The revamped area also included designated spaces for small gatherings and events, equipped with outdoor seating, grassed mounds, and a raised deck for enjoyable lunchtime experiences.

This project goes beyond mere landscaping; it successfully enhances connections throughout the site, fostering a sense of unity and curiosity. By incorporating ‘low key’ infrastructure, soft edges, and natural materials such as stone and timber, the design seamlessly harmonises with the surroundings. More than just a physical transformation, this project is a celebration of community, a tribute to heritage, and the creation of inspiring spaces.

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